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Beautifully Crafted Homes in Powhatan’s Newest Neighborhoods and Private Lots 

Are you unhappy with the quality of your current home? As you try and try to adapt to a space not built for you and your family it can become increasingly hard to live comfortably. 

Many homeowners and renters do not have the rooms and layout they need for their daily routine. On top of that, poorly built homes lack the air quality, sturdiness, privacy and efficiency your family deserves. 

But what if you could move into a home built with you and the environment in mind? What if you could get more square footage and still cut down your energy bills? 

Evergreen Homecrafters has perfected high-grade homes that you can customize to your exact needs in Powhatan. Our builders and architects give you the options and prices that help you grow beyond cookie-cutter and into something that will last. 

Powhatan’s Preferred Choice for New Construction 

As you drive through Powhatan you can see beautiful neighborhoods with homes perfectly constructed for everyone from young families to retired couples. Nearby you’ll find great schools, enjoyable green spaces and all of the amenities that make a town your home. 

It’s no wonder that more and more families are moving out to Powhatan, VA. It’s scenic, affordable and gives you plenty of room to grow your roots. 

Evergreen Homecrafters is dedicated to helping your family build your dream home right in the heart of the county. Our team provides three building options in Powhatan.

Maple Grove Preferred Home Builder

Evergreen Homecrafters has partnered with Powhatan’s Maple Grove neighborhood to build green homes on lots situated near the woods and the lake.

This neighborhood has been in Powhatan for over 15 years. Many families have already settled in and fallen in love with the area. Luckily, Maple Grove is opening lots section by section, including their 7th section scheduled to become available in Fall 2022.

The neighborhood offers buyers a chance to work with their choice of four preferred builders. Evergreen has been a longtime builder in Maple Grove where you can see many families who love their custom or personalized homes.

Our construction services are the only options that prioritize environmentally friendly and high-performance homes. You can feel confident in your next move knowing you’ll be guaranteed to have a healthier home with better air quality and lower energy bills.

You can choose to work with us on a fully custom home completely tailored to your needs or select one of our semi-custom home plans.

Graywalls Preferred Home Builder

Next door to Maple Grove is a gated luxury neighborhood with plenty of lots to choose from for your next home. Fine Creek gracefully rambles through Graywalls and you’ll never be bored with the Foundry Golf Club within a short walking distance.

Each lot is over 2 acres, giving you ample room for the home of your dream and a backyard fit for entertaining and family time. This secure neighborhood allows your family to sleep easy at night and keeps you near some of Powhatan’s best places to eat and shop. 

Evergreen Homecrafters works with Greywalls as a preferred builder to help make your luxury a reality. 

Regardless of if you choose a custom or semi-custom build, each of our homes are comfortably spacious with an attention to detail that will delight you daily and wow the neighbors.

Graywalls is the kind of neighborhood you move to and never want to leave. Evergreen fulfills that wish by building you a home that anticipates every amenity you need, stays sturdy over the years and makes it easy to go green.  

Semi-Custom and Unique Homes for Private Lots

You’ve found the perfect place to build your next home. But, now it’s time to find a house that will fit all of your current needs and grow with your future ones.

Our custom options give you a modern home built with quality materials designed to stand the test of time. Each house fits your unique requirements while also providing an excellent energy efficiency that anyone will love.

You can pick your lot in Powhatan or Evergreen can assist you in finding the perfect fit elsewhere. From there you’ll work with our responsive and attentive team to incorporate all of your desired details.

Each custom build gives you options for making the following design elements your own:

  • Construction
  • Structural Layout
  • Amenities
  • Finish

If you are already in love with some of our previous models or need a simpler process, you can choose a semi-custom build instead. This still gives you the dream home experience by allowing you to decide your layout and decor based on our blueprints.

From farmhouse and craftsman to traditional and beyond, your family will find exactly what they need to make Powhatan their home.

Green Building for Lower Energy Costs

Have you spent time concerned about your energy bills or how your home is impacting the environment? Are you ready to have a place you’re proud of?

You can have a high-performance home without sacrificing any of your favorite features. Your financial goals are possible when you construct with future savings in mind. 

Evergreen uses energy-efficient practices and appliances, water conserving features and sustainable building materials to build homes with a lower environmental impact than our competitors. Our builds offer:

  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality
  • Effective Insulation
  • Conditioned Crawl Spaces
  • High-Performing Windows and Doors
  • Tight HVAC Ducts
  • Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

Green building may seem like a lofty goal but Evergreen has been making this a reality for years. Our clients have better peace of mind when energy prices spike, conserve more resources, have more independence from energy providers and do their part everyday to protect charming Powhatan County. 

Our energy-friendly homes are certified by:

Promising a Proven Construction Process

Evergreen Homecrafters is passionate about building excellent homes for families in Powhatan and their neighbors in Chesterfield and Richmond.

Our team prioritizes communication and transparency to ensure you know exactly what to expect from your new home.

You’ll start off by sharing your dreams with our professional design team before receiving a design that merges your needs with green practices. From there Evergreen will start constructing your new house using quality materials.

After construction you get to make your final decor touches and start enjoying your home.

Happy Homeowners

Dianna B. | Hanover, VA

This company operates with the highest standards of professionalism and customer service. Jon Anderson has been very important to the success of the non-profit Southside Community Development & Housing Corporation in achieving our mission.

Danielle A. | Richmond, VA

He doesn’t cut corners, takes pride in his work, and wants to do the right thing by his clients. Jon builds homes for his clients as if it was going to be his own home, which is something that cannot be said for all home builders these days.

Ashby H. | Midlothian, VA

Been in our new home since Feb 2016. Absolutely love it!!! Because it is so energy efficient bills have been extremely manageable. More important than anything Evergreen stands by their products.

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Evergreen Homecrafters LLC works with you to design and build the perfect custom green home for your family. Through personable service and high standards, you can create a brighter future with your comfortable eco-friendly Richmond home.

Contact us to discuss your custom home dreams and start living.

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